On sign up, we will upload your menu.
A special code will open up your menu directly on your web site. Add Pictures to help sell your delicious food. If you don't have a website, we can create one for you (see our other offers and plans)


Your menu will show on our special App which your customers can download in the usual way (Android & iOS)  and order on their mobiles.
You can Add Pictures to help sell your delicious food both on mobiles and on your site
If you don't have a website, we can create one for you (see our services)


Staff can take orders in 45 languages Customers will see you've accepted their order in real-time And print beautifully laid out Kitchen Orders and Customer Receipts Or print via SMS from the App They can also troubleshoot and test the Ordering System from the App


On sign up, you will get a Free Web App carrying your logo. A unique QR Code will open your menu directly on your customers' mobiles. You can Add Pictures to help sell your delicious food both on mobiles and on your site. If you don't have a website or a logo, we can create one for you (see our services)


Upon signing up, we prepare the information bearing your logo and list it FREE on our main site. If you do not have a Logo we can design one for you (see our services) Your Customers will be able to order online, directly from our site using the same menu on your App

£1 PLAN - All of the above plus...


Even if you have a website, we will create a standard FREE one for you, to ensure continued access for your customers The site will be hosted FREE on our secure servers This feature works in conjunction with the Web Ordering function (see the function)


A FREE Domain (subject to availability) will also be created with the name of your Restaurant featuring prominently in it


FREE Restaurant Ordering Email account will be provided for use with our system and for all communications with us, including support


We will upload your menu pictures for FREE (at your discretion) The pictures will appear everywhere and help sell your delicious food both on your mobile apps and on your site

£3 PLAN - All of the above plus...


Take orders directly from your FB Page (we will need admin access) In this way you will be able to use FB campaigns with ease. Target your local area with great precision and effectively. Or you may decide to leave this to us (see our services)

£6 PLAN - All of the above plus...


Let your customers pay online with all major Credit Cards. The money is paid straight into your bank with No commissions or money withheld in someone else's account
Our Gateway Partners are chosen carefully to keep costs down to a minimum


We will provide you with all the support you need to set-up and run the system
The support is offered online, by phone and via email
On-site support can also be obtained as an extra service (see our services)

PREMIUM ADDONS - Ask for prices


This new feature will allow Restaurants to have their clients book online, no need for yet another app or widget
The Booking function is displayed directly on Restaurants' sites and will automatically load on their Apps
With this feature is possible to tie in with our Pre-Order feature


When enabled, this function allows customers to order food in advance, when making a table reservation

This feature ties in beautifully with our Table Booking feature


Supercharged, powerful, yet easy to use DIY Admin Panel
Here you can control numerous features and applications tied in with your Restaurant App
You will also be able to check your restaurant's performance, both historical and live


Ultra granular reporting, checks what sells best, your customers' platform of choice and how they use it
Analyze your customers' database in depth
Take business decisions based on your customers' data
Works with the Control Panel (see the function)


Allows your customers to order in advance and schedule a later pick up or delivery

Never miss an order, the system will work for you 24/7

This feature works in conjunction with the Control Panel (see the function)


Run Promos like a Pro... with precision selling through client segmentation and target profiling
Achieve and track multiple marketing goals, centrally, seamlessly and inexpensively with maximum effect in your local area
This advanced feature works in conjunction with the Control Panel
(see the function)


Create custom promotions and conditional offers to your heart's content
Works when the Advanced Promo Marketing function is enabled (see the function)
This feature works in conjunction with the Control Panel (see the function)


A mobile friendly website that’s highly optimized for search engines
A domain is included, (subject to availability) but you can also use your existing one (see our services)
Everything is designed to generate more online orders


We recommend a branded app to those food clients looking for a native installation on their smart phones or tablets
This restaurant app includes app store listings with your logo branding
They are downloaded from Google Play and Apple's App Store


This widget will open an exclusive website with your menu on it which will start sending orders your way

This function works in conjunction with the Free Website feature (see the feature)

OUR SERVICES - Ask for prices


Websites, menus, leaflets, our design services are competent, creative and professional
Our prices will not scare you away as we strive to be competitive and fair
Flair and common sense drive our design solutions, to entice your customers and keep them


We offer training on all aspects of our systems
Should you require only specific items to be either clarified or implemented, we will help you do so
Costs are very contained
Training sessions and prices depend on your requirements for onsite or online support


We offer API Integration services as well as all other aspect of software support
We can tailor our services to fit with your specific needs

Our costs are very reasonable


Our Printing Partners are always very accommodating and keen to help out

Prices are always competitive

From menus to mail drop leaflets and labels, you will find our Printing Services always prompt and efficient


Our system is very simple to set up, but if you need help on site, this service is for you. Our call out charges are minimal and always competitive

We will always try to resolve all issues by phone, mail or online first. Persistent problems may occur, then you will find our services prompt and attentive


From Videos for your website or FB Page to sound bites for your mailing campaigns, this service is for you

Our services include Copy Writing

Prices are competitive and always measure up


  • Printers and printing supplies
  • POS System
  • Cash Drawers
  • Scanners
  • Special requirements


Website & Domain hosting services are provided directly on our servers

Domains can be bought very cheaply on our site by clicking HERE

If you have any other requirement, please call


We will follow your success and assist you with every aspect of your business. Sometimes it is necessary to assist with such things as Rates or Rent Reduction
Or you may need assistance with your local Council in relation to Licences or Leases
Whatever the case you will find our fees very reasonable

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